Tianjin Giantey Machinery Co., Ltd. produces the Automatic Ironing Machine with rich experience for years, and the machine will get popular after our re-improvement in technology and re-adjustment in price.

The Ironing Machine for all types of woollen skins, dyed or undyed.

The machine irons wool skins automatically as continually fed by the operator, or by a pedal control system which will open and close the ironing apron.

The speed of the skin wire mesh conveyor can be adjusted from 2 to 15 meters/minute. The felt apron conveyor is fitted to specially prepared support which enables the conveyor to be changed without the need for dismantling. With the same support, the pressure, angle, and contact area with the skin against the ironing cylinder can be adjusted.

The surface of the ironing cylinder is constructed of a corrosion-proof material and heated by a reliable system of nine heating elements with external connections, whose temperature is adjusted electronically to a preselected degree celsius. An electric control panel is incorporated and safety devices to meet Health & Safety Regulations.

It is one of the best machines that should be selected and chosen by all tanneries.

Technical data:

Driving method Electric and pneumatic
Effective working widthmm1250
Production rateskins/hour– 230
Max. heating powerkW31.5
Ironing cylinder driving powerkW15
Conveyer powerkW  0.75  
Motor fankW3
Working aream3.40×2.16
Net weightkg2100
Gross weightkg2600
Packing dimensionsm2.70×2.10×1.70
VolumeCubic m9.7
Total powerkW50.25

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