Continuous Ironing And Pressing Machine GCIP-180

Features: Ideal for ironing and polishing all kinds of woolen and non-woolen skins. Thanks to the unique features of the machine-like; no folding, no cracking, no breaking on the skin. Heating is provided by means of diathermic oil. Skin moves between two anti-static conveyor belts and the lower belt is felt.

Technical data:

Working Width1800 mm
Felt Conveyor Belt Motor2.2 kw
Upper Conveyor Belt Motor0.75 kw
Hydraulic Motor1.5 kw
Thermic Oil Pump Motor1.5 kw
Heat Power (9×2 KW)18 kw
Total Installed Power23.95 kw
Net Weight5500 kg
Dimensions(L×W×H)2900×2100×1500 mm

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