Dear Friends,

Tianjin Giantey Machinery Co., Ltd. is specialized in making fur and leather machinery. We are producing machines and equipments such as hydraulic ironing machine, pneumatic ironing machine, dry shearing machine, short dry shearing machine, vertical stretching machine, horizontal staking machine, combing machine, dry buffing machine, wet shearing machine, de-burring machine, paddle machine, stainless steel drum, stainless steel mixer, etc. and full small machines for small skins like rabbit, mink and so on.

The brand “GIANTEY” is well known in the fur and leather industry, and Mr. John Wang is famous in the fur and leather field, “GIANTEY” branded fur and leather machines are perfect in design and excellent in production, they are the better machines because we are working and going all out with our motto: One same world, one same product, better in quality and lower in price.

Our machines and spare parts are well sold all over the world, such as Europe, South America, Turkey, Mongolia, Russia, etc.

We own the famous brand ” GIANTEY” and “OZDERSAN” and “CAPDEVILA”, we are making all the tanning machines for leather of sheepskin with the wool on or off.

At the same time, Giantey Machinery Co., Ltd. has cooperated with FLYING PIGEON GROUP since built. It is located in Flying Pigeon Industrial base and under its targeting instruction and supervision from production to management. Flying Pigeon’s machining center is Giantey’s design, production, and test base workshop.

We work together for serving all the tanneries here, be sure you could feel the high quality and convenience in time if you select us!

Service phone call at 0086 – 22-24377055; 0086 -18920286006.

Sincerely and faithfully

John Zk. Wang